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Retail Box License Key Reader Professional XI Full Version 100% Genuine

Retail Box License Key Reader Professional XI Full Version 100% Genuine

  • Retail Box  License Key  Reader Professional XI Full Version 100% Genuine
  • Retail Box  License Key  Reader Professional XI Full Version 100% Genuine
Retail Box  License Key  Reader Professional XI Full Version 100% Genuine
Product Details:
Place of Origin: USA
Certification: Certified
Model Number: XI Pro
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 piece
Price: USD+65+Piece
Packaging Details: 20*20*5cm
Delivery Time: 24hours
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
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Detailed Product Description
Model Number: XI Pro Place Of Origin: USA/Ireland/Singapore/Puerto Rico/Germany
MOQ: 1PCS Price: Please Contact US Skype
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram Supply Ability: 10000 Per Week
Delivery Time: 1-2 Working Days Packaging Details: Retail Box
Version: XI Pro Activation: 100% Online Activation
Application: Computer / Laptop Weight: 0.15KG
Warranty: Lifetime Language: English
Skype: Softwarewto
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Retail Box License Key Reader Professional XI Full Version 100% Genuine



, from Systems, Inc., remains the best way to work with Portable Document Format (PDF) files. The latest version, XI, represents an incremental upgrade of an indispensable application.
In case you missed it, PDF is the standard for filing and exchanging documents in the legal setting. Itu2019s the standard, in part, because PDF files can be read on virtually all devices (iPad or Android, Windows or Mac). In addition to near universal compatibility, PDF ensures that your work product will look right when printed by others or viewed on someone elseu2019s screen. With , you can easily secure PDF files to keep others from copying and editing the content. You can even prevent people from opening, printing, commenting on, or adding pages to your PDF files. Whether you want to protect work product (contracts, wills, etc.) or ensure the integrity of documents produced in litigation, provides easy-to-employ security solutions.

XI comes in two versions: Standard and Pro. Donu2019t confuse (Pro or Standard) with Reader, the free PDF file viewer. Users of Reader are limited to viewing, searching, and printing PDF files. You need a full version of (Standard or Pro) to create PDF files, scan paper to PDF, apply security, create forms, and more. Legal professionals should consider Pro rather than Standard. It comes down to features. You can see a feature comparison


The features that matter to lawyers and that are available only in XI Pro include:
Bates numbering;
Enabling PDF files so Reader users can add comments and digital signatures;
Comparing PDF files; and
Inserting audio and video content for direct playback.


From Menus to Panes
If youu2019re still using 9 or an earlier version, then the upgrade to XI will be a big step. made big changes to the interface with the release of X, and thereu2019s no going back. XI refines those changes and allows better customization. The u201cmenusu201d that drove the interface in earlier versions of (version 9 and earlier) are pared down to File, Edit, View, Window, and Help. In place of the menus, XI has Task panes on the right side of the screen. Most of what were formerly menu commands are now organized into the Tools, Sign, and Comment task panes on the right side of the application window. Most tools are now organized in sets within these task panes. Click Tools, Sign, or Comment to display the respective task pane (click again to hide). You can customize which panels appear in the Tools and Comment panes; use the drop-down menu in the upper-right corner of the task pane, and click a panel (a check mark indicates that the panel is visible).

Tools task pane. This grouping contains many of the functions that were found on the Document menu in 9 and earlier versions, such as Pages (Rotate, Replace, Extract, etc.) and Text Recognition (Optical Character Recognition). Forms, Protection (security, redaction, and metadata removal), and the Action Wizard (formerly batch processing) can also be found in the Tools task pane.

One of the new features of XI shows up in the Tools pane: Content Editing. Now you can make significant text and graphic edits to PDF files. As you edit, text wraps correctly at the ends of lines. Formatting icons let you change paragraph alignment (left, right, center, full). You get similar control over images. Right-click on an image and the menu offers options to flip or rotate the image, plus an option to replace the image entirely. Iu2019m not convinced that is the choice for editing text and image content, but for those who want this ability, XI offers the tools.

Comment task pane. This set of tools replaces the Comment & Markup choice on the Tools menu in earlier versions of . Now all the annotation and drawing markup tools can be found in the Comment pane or added to the Quick Tools toolbar. The Sticky Note tool and drawing markup tools see regular use in our office, so we keep them on the toolbar. As you would expect, the Comments List is part of the Comment task pane. If any comments (text boxes, call-outs, sticky notes, or drawing markups) have been added to a PDF file, they will show up in the Comments List. We find the Comments List particularly helpful for organizing comments added to a PDF file by different users.

Sign task pane. has added tools to XI designed to make it easy to sign a document by typing your name, drawing your signature, or using a signature stamp. Creating a signature stamp is quick and easy. You can then easily add your signature to any document or even send it for additional signatures using u2019s EchoSign electronic signature service.

EchoSign is a separate service ($14.99 per month) that lets you add signature and other fields to Office documents or PDF files, upload them to a cloud-based server, and send e-mail messages to the people who should sign them. For example, you can upload your fee agreement to EchoSign. A toolbar at the top of the document viewer lets you add signature and other fields. EchoSign will send an e-mail message to your prospective client that includes a link to the fee agreement. Inside the browser, your prospective clients can type in their name, and the document will u201csignu201d itself with a standardized script fontu2014or your prospective client can sign the document using a mouse or with a fingertip on a touch-screen phone or tablet.


The big changes to the interface introduced in X, while good, came at a cost. Now, for example, to add the Marquee Zoom tool to the toolbar, you pull down the View menu, select Show/Hide, select Toolbar Items, chose Select & Zoom, and select Marquee Zoom. The process of removing unwanted tools from the Page Navigation and Select & Zoom toolbars is equally cumbersome. However, with the release of XI, made it easier to customize the Quick Tools toolbar (the row of tool buttons below the menus and above the Page Navigation and Select & Zoom toolbars). Tools can be added to the toolbar three ways: (1) clicking on the Edit Current Tool Set button (looks like a gear); (2) right-clicking on a tool in one of the Task Panels and selecting Add to Quick Tools Toolbar; or (3) using the Customize Quick Tools (View > select Show/Hide > select Toolbar Items > Quick Tools).

With XI you can create custom toolbars. This comes in handy if you prefer toolbars at the top of the work area to the tool sets in the Task panels on the right side of the work area. And, with the custom toolbars, you can limit the tools that are displayed. For example, you could create a Redaction toolbar that displays only three tools: Redaction Properties; Mark for Redaction; and Apply Redactions. Thereu2019s less clutter when you donu2019t display the tools that arenu2019t used.


The Create PDF Button
XI ships with the u201cCreateu201d button as the first item on the toolbar. The Create button includes all the functionality it had in the past and adds the functions that were formerly found on the drop-down menu of the Combine button. In XI, the Create button offers not only the usual methods of creating a PDF file (from file, scanner, etc.) but also offers the option to combine multiple files into a single PDF or to create a PDF Portfolio. A PDF Portfolio contains multiple files assembled into an integrated PDF unit rather than a single PDF file. The files in a PDF Portfolio can be created in different applications. For example, a PDF Portfolio can include Microsoft Office files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and most image files (JPEG, TIFF, PSD). The original files retain their individual identities but are assembled into one PDF Portfolio file. You can open, read, edit, and format each component file independently of the other component files in a PDF Portfolio. PDF Portfolios are not for everyone, however; Standard and Reader users cannot create PDF Portfolios or edit the layout, colors, headers, and so on.

In my practice we combine multiple files into a single PDF rather than create PDF Portfolios. Combined files work well for assembling a pleading or motion and all the referenced exhibits or authorities, or for combining disparate documents for disclosure or production in discovery. In XI, the user interface for combing multiple documents into a single PDF file is now by default fully graphical, meaning that it can display images of all the pages of the files that you combine so you get a full preview of the combined PDF before you create it. Even better, you can now drag and drop any individual page in any of the documents that you want to combine, making it easy to customize the finished output. If you donu2019t like the graphical interface, itu2019s easy to switch to the List View with the click of a button.


Other Handy Tools
What if you donu2019t want one big PDF file? XI has a Split Document tool that divides a file based on: (1) number of pages; (2) file size; or (3) top-level bookmarks. If you have a combined PDF file that weighs in at 5.5 MB, and the limit for electronic filing in your jurisdiction is 2 MB, itu2019s easy to split the file into pieces that are under the limit. If opposing counsel or your client delivered a 5,000-page PDF file, itu2019s easy to add bookmarks during the initial review, then split the document based on the marks (bookmark names can be used as the split file names).

began shipping with a u201ctypewriter toolu201d several versions ago. Earlier iterations of this tool had much in common with its namesake. It was clunky and the functionality was limited. The improved functionality of the typewriter tool, seen in X, remains. But the typewriter tool is gone! How can this be? changed the name and the icon, but the function remains. The Add Text Comment tool (a capital u201cTu201d for an icon) does what the typewriter tool did. When you click on the button or icon, the text insertion tool activates and a properties bar appears. Justification, line spacing, font size, and color work as expected. The ability to easily u201ctypeu201d on any PDF file significantly extends the range of . Think of the forms you fill in during the course of a week or a month. Now, instead of feeding sheets of paper into the old Selectric, you feed the paper through the scanner and then use and your computer to do the typing (sans whiteout).


XI marks an incremental upgrade in the family history. In case youu2019re wondering what I mean by incremental, hereu2019s the deal: I installed XI on my assistantu2019s computer, and it took her a couple weeks to notice (she uses daily and had been using X). If you did not upgrade to X, nowu2019s the time to make the move to the new interface with the purchase of XI.



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